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[sir turtle] Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands - the most comprehensive collection of links

Robert Clark's comprehensive directory of Cayman related websites including accommodation, general information, businesses, scuba, FAQ and trip reports.

As I have relatives on Grand Cayman, I visit the islands quite often. The islands are about one hours flying time south of Miami (you over-fly Cuba to get there). From my visits, contacts and love for the islands, I have crafted these pages to help share my experience!

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[hit] Accommodation Links
Links to hotels, condos, apartment, bed & breakfast and resort accommodation on the islands

[hit] Book Links
Book set on or about Cayman, or books with a Caribbean feel

[hit] Business and Organisations Links [updated]
Links to businesses, companies and organisations on Cayman, including hire car companies, watersports operators, real estate brokers, financial services, restaurants, health, sports, media, IT, travel, etc.

[hit] Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
I am one of the volunteers on the [hit] AllExperts.com - the site that lets you asks experts on a wide range of topics for help! I specialise in answering questions on the Cayman Islands. The entries on the FAQ are based on the most common AllExperts questions I get asked.
Current topics include:

[hit] General Information
General tourist information links, including weather information and Web cameras

[hit] News from Cayman - 2006 [updated]
Brief description of the latest major events/news/happenings from the islands
Previous year's news
[hit] News from Cayman - 2005
[hit] News from Cayman - 2004
[hit] Hurricane Ivan resources
[hit] News from Cayman - 2003
[hit] News from Cayman - 2002
[hit] News from Cayman - 2001
[hit] News from Cayman - 2000
[hit] News from Cayman - 1998/1999
[new] Online version of the News From Cayman newsletter

[new] Scuba Diving
Information on scuba diving, including links to watersports operators on the islands

[hit] Trip Reports/Photo Albums
A collection of trip reports and photo albums from previous visitors to the islands


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